About our company

The Tofer Élelmiszerfertőtlenítő Kft started its egg disinfection business in 1997 with Hungarian owners. During the egg disinfection process with ODS-1 ozone, the base of which is a unique patent introduced in Hungary, ozone will be produced from oxygen, the appropriate dose of which will destroy the pathogens on the shell of the egg. This process maximally meets the major requirement of our time, the environment protection, since this disinfection process does not pollute the environment in any way, because at the end of the disinfection cycle the ozone will be turned back into oxygen.

Our products are widely used in hotels, in public catering, in confectioneries and in catering. The users of eggs with ozone treatment will be freed from their obligations of egg cleaning for disinfection by other methods, which pollute the environment. The eggs, which arrive to our company, are selected by automatic sorters, are marked in proper form and come from certified producers. Our suppliers undertake a quality guarantee for their eggs. We apply at our company for the whole production process a strict HACCP food safety system. Our production capacity, due to continuous investments, makes it possible for us to carry out more and more disinfection jobs on behalf of other companies.
We are working consistently and steadily to meet the requirements of our customers.

In this spirit the sale, the maintaining of good contacts with our customers and the on time delivery have the highest priority at our company. We always treat the demands of our customers flexibly, and we deliver the ordered goods on the first working day following the order to many places of the country.


Keeping and strengthening egg disinfection as a strategic division, we have widened the number of our international business partners from year to year. Since the capacity of the domestic egg producers do not meet the demand of the Hungarian population, our company also purchases eggs from many member states of the Union, contributing to the undisturbed supply of the Hungarian customers. Due to our broad connections to the egg producers we are able to purchase enough eggs and sell them abroad. For our customers from Romania the best-before date will be indicated on the shell of each egg.